How I Take Care Of Myself During A Writing High

Hi, everybody! Normally I wouldn’t be posting another in-depth post directly after the last one, but I figured this would be more helpful during NaNoWriMo, instead of at the end. The writing update will be next week instead.  Last week I talked about ways I convinced myself to be productive when producing was the absolute … Continue reading How I Take Care Of Myself During A Writing High

September Goals Recap

Etta Grace: Author

A Little Background:

Hello hello! We’re doing something a little different this week. Normally at the end of each month, I share a recap of my monthly goals list on my studyblr, but since I have this website now, I’d like to start sharing some of my writing goals on here too! In 2018, I started keeping a list of 20-30 items that I wanted/needed to accomplish in the span of the next month. These aren’t obligations like “Do my homework” but rather extra things that help me take tangible steps towards my dreams of “Graduating from College” or “Publishing Storge” and include a variety of goals to try and keep me well rounded and healthy. I always add more than I could reasonably accomplish in the period, so I count the month as a “Win” if I mark off more than half of them. This method was borrowed…

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